Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to renew Indian Passport in USA

I just had my Indian passport renewed (after completing 10 years) at Consulate general of India (New York). I had to research quite a bit to know the prerequisite to apply for the same. So, thought of blogging about it, may be it helps someone. So, if you are in USA and your passport is expiring (*conditions apply- Available only to who are on a non-visitor VISA, if you are on visitor VISA, you have to renew your passport in INDIA only), you can renew it from CGI, NY(Only if you fall under it).  You can either, personally appear at the consulate or can send your documents by mail. If appearing personally please carry all the original documents with you and if requesting by mail then notarize all the documents for which you are not sending the originals.

 Steps to follow are:

1. Fill the online form and get the appointment, click on the "Save and Print" button.
2. This will generate a 4 page document. Print this document and fill in the rest of the details using pen (Blue or Black ink only).
3. Please make sure you have filled in every field on the form. completeness of the form is most important.
4. Stick a photo at the top of this form. Make sure you provide the specimen signature at the designated place on the form.
5. Make a note of the Application number (Usually starts with USANIXXXXXXX) at the top right corner of the first page of this form. This number will be used as a reference to your application if you need to refer it in future communications with the Consulate (to know the status).

Documents Needed:

1. Original Passport
2. Envelop containing 3 colored photos (Size 2 inches * 2 inches with white background)showing frontal view of full face including the one to be pasted on the top of application form.
3. Fee in cash $40 for the application (or $50 for Jumbo booklet) + postal charges($18.30 for express or $4.90 for priority), if appearing personally otherwise if you sending your application by mail enclose a certify check or money order payable to consulate General of India, New York (for you it may be different). For postal charges you can either include it in the application fee or enclose a self addressed, ticketed envelope.
3. Application form
4. Completed Nationality status verification form.
5. Copy of the proof of address in USA (Utility bill/bank statement/copy of lease agreement/driver's license are acceptable as proof of residence)
6. Copy of first 5 pages of Passport (I had them notarized to be on safer side, i believe it may not be needed as original passport is also being sent)
7. Copy of last 2 pages of Passport
8.Copy of the page having US VISA and I-94 or green card or EAC. have them notarized.
9. Copy of new I-797 with I-94 (I had them Notarized).

If you are married and want to add your spouse's name on your new passport, you need the following documentation in addition to the above:

1. Original passport of spouse and photo-copy.
2. Marriage certificate. 
3. Marriage photos 
4. marriage Invitation card
5. Affidavit. Please have it Signed and notarized by both.

The above documents were valid in my case. More details related to documents requirement can be checked on the consulate sites (

Disclaimer: The above information is for your information only. It may/may not be the complete and you may want to refer other sources also.